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We Provide Chip Timing and Event Management ServicesĀ for a variety of events.
From local charities hosting a 5k run/walk to High School and Middle School Cross Country and Track/Field Meets.

Latest Articles

Running Terminology

If you are new to the sport of running you may have heard your friends talking in a different language and wondered about what they are saying. To help clear some things up, here are some words that will help you with running terminology.

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Plank Exercise: Proper Form and Common Problems

The plank is a great transversus abdominis exercise for core stability in runners and other athletes. In this video Dr. Kari Brown Budde narrates the plank basics as well as highlighting some common improper forms for the plank exercise.

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World Treadmill Records set at Chaski Challenge

How fast can you run on a treadmill? Have you ever tried breaking a record or even your own personal best? With Covid-19 impacted many events around the world, events such as the Chaska Challenge provide a welcome opportunity for a number of elite athletes to let it fly.

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