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Centurion Challenge

Centurion Challenge

Centurion Challenge – Virtual Event

Become a Centurion in the first, Centurion Challenge by running or walking a 100 miles! Yes you can do it! and we’ll give you until December 31, 2020! to achieve that goal. If you want, you can take a baby step by trying our mini century event which is 50 miles or if you are so inclined try the double centurion – 200 miles!.

Here is how it works
  • – Register for either the mini, full or double century challenge
  • – Log your miles daily (if you want), or less frequently if that is more convenient in your runsignup.com account.
  • – To log miles, you will go to the “Results” tab in the menu.
  • – In the results section is a “submit virtual results” button.
  • – As you log your miles you will be able to see yourself tracking towards your goal – it’s a lot of fun!.

This is your personal challenge so you can start at anytime you want.


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