Your Feet Are Your Foundation

By: Worthington Optimal Wellness

To maintain peak performance while running and walking our body’s kinetic chain needs to stay in optimal operation. What’s a kinetic chain? We believe Arthur Steindler described it best in his book, Kinesiology of the Human Body where he says, “Each bony segment in the lower extremity, such as the foot, lower leg, thigh, and pelvis, can be viewed as a rigid link, with the subtalar, ankle, knee, and hip joints acting as the connecting joints.” These chain links are then connected by nerves, blood vessels, ligaments, and tendons that create a natural push and pull action throughout the body.

Imbalances in the kinetic chain from your feet, your foundation, can be felt as falling arches, too much pressure on the toes, knee pain, and low back pain to name a few. This leads to conditions like runner’s knee, Achilles tendonitis, and heel spurs that can plague runners. In fact, 77% of the population overpronates their feet! Chiropractic care is an all-natural way to realign the body and make that kinetic chain happier overall! Wearing custom orthotics supports those adjustments and keeps your body in alignment.

Foot Levelers Fully Customized FLEXIBLE Orthotics are a simple solution to support these imbalances. Our state-of-the-art foot scanner takes 16 pictures of the foot to design custom orthotics for you! Did you know there are 3 arches in your foot; the Inner Arch, Outer Arch, and Anterior Transverse Arch (across the balls of the feet). All three arches and any imbalances are taken into consideration as Foot Levelers builds your custom orthotic. After your FREE foot scan, our staff will explain the scan and point you in the right direction for your running needs and assess any chiropractic needs! Our #1 best seller is our In Motion Plus orthotic, it’s built for runners like you!

Call Worthington Optimal Wellness today at #614-848-5211 to get your FREE foot scan and chiropractic consultation!

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