Ohio C2C Challenge

How would you like to tell people you ran, walked or biked from Cincinnati to Columbus, or Columbus to Cleveland or Cincinnati to Cleveland? Well you can and we believe you can do it if you take part in the Ohio C2C Challenge!

A Personal Achievement

The Ohio C2C Challenge is a two stage virtual event that follows the Ohio to Erie bike Trail. The event kicks off on Monday June 1, 2020 but participants are able to join anytime they want. The whole event will start in June but end in December. So at anytime during this seven month period participants can start their journey and take their time making their way to the finish. We like to say, this event will allow you to “scale your own personal mountain.” It’s a personal achievement rather than a race against others.

The virtual aspect of this event starts either in Cincinnati for stage 1 and concludes in Columbus for a total of 115 miles.  Stage 2 begins in Columbus and ends in Cleveland for a total of 200 miles.  Participants are able to start stage 1 first or do stage 2 first.  You can choose to do just one stage or do both.

Scale your own personal mountain

Scale Your Own Personal Mountain

It’s a personal achievement rather than a race against others.

How does it Work?

Participants in the challenge event can run, walk or bike on a course of your own choosing. Courses can range from a local park, your own neighborhood, a trail or road course. It’s completely your choice.

As you log miles whether running, walking or biking you will record your miles and time (if you keep it) on your personal page on our website. As the miles add up you will see yourself tracking towards your goal. There will be no rush to get to the finish at any given time period, but rather you can take it at your own pace.

When you are finished with a stage you will receive in the mail a unique event shirt particular to the stage you just completed. Each shirt depicts an indigenous Ohio animal. Stage 1 is a turtle which is found in the Ohio River and stage 2 is a Cardinal which is the official bird of the State of Ohio.


The registration cost for each stage is $40 and includes a great looking soft cotton t-shirt which will be mailed to you. We will also be making a donation to the Ohio to Erie Trail on behalf of each participant. If you refer friends, you can get $5 of your entry back as a referral bonus. Just follow the steps to ensure proper crediting of the referral.

As so many events are canceling because of Covid-19, make this your 2020 goal event and you surely have something awesome to share with your friends.

Chip timing and finish line services provided by Speedy Sneakers Racing using IPICO timing systems.

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