2023 Loveland Frogman Race – A HUGE Success!

The 2023 Loveland Frogman Race took place on Saturday September 9 in Loveland, Ohio.  The event is organized and hosted by the Little Miami River Chamber Alliance. This year’s event was the 9th year and it was probably one of the absolute best years!

For starters, the event sold out within weeks.  Word of mouth has spread about how unique and fun this event is and it shows, with a record number of participants and a super fast sell out.

A Most Beautiful Location

The Frogman Race is a triathlon which consists of a 5 mile kayak (solo/tandem), a 8 mile bike and a 5k run.  All of this taking place in Loveland and along the Little Miami River – need I say more.  For anyone who knows the area, we are talking beautiful people!.  Forget boring roads and lots of concrete, the course is simply geourgous.  Those who participated this year and in years past, just love it.

A Fun, Fun Experience!

Yep!, I wrote fun, fun, because that what it is – so much fun.  Almost all, if not 100% of the participants come with someone.  It’s sort of like when you find an awesome restaurant.  You tell everyone you know and then you want to take everyone to it.  The Frogman is just like that.  It’s a super fun experience event and you’ll want to do it with those who are closest to you.

It’s Grueling – Right?

No, its not, its fun.  Seriously this is not one of those super macho triathlons that you have to have trained in the gym for months on end.  Yes, it’s not a walk in the park, but then its also not the Ironman, not even close.  If you can run or walk a 10k race, you more than likely can do the Frogman.  If you aren’t too sure about the paddle, signup to do it with a friend.  It’s makes is so much easier going down the river with someone helping.  Remember I said down the river.  That’s a lot easier than going up.

So, How About You in 2024?

If you are reading this and thinking, should I try it.  I say yes!  You’ll love it.  This is one of the most fun events you’ll ever do.  So plan on it for next year, but don’t wait too long.  This event sells out fast when registration opens.  Stay tuned.

Loveland Frogman run portion

The Results

see all the results here

Overall Men Home Town Total Time
1.  Konan Stephens Canal Winchester, Ohio 1:44.39
2.  Kurt Janson Newport, Kentucky 1:52.27
3.  Joe Plante Loveland, Ohio 1:54.43
Overall Women
1.  Hannah Newman Lebanon, Ohio 2:01.02
2.  Christine Curry Harrison, Ohio 2:03.25
3.  Megan Stephens Pickerington, Ohio 2:04.41

Thanks to the crew from Loveland Paddlesports for getting all the kayaks ready.

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