Speedy Sneakers joins the Endurance Sports Coalition

Endurance Sports Coalition

Endurance Sports Coalition

Speedy Sneakers joins the Endurance Sports Coalition, and together with over 600 plus other event organizers in running, triathlon, cycling and obstacle course racing.

With the current Covid-19 stay at home orders and the ban on large gatherings, endurance sports organizations and related companies, including charitable organizations are suffering financially.  As Joe DeSena, founder of the Spartan Races said, “there is no business model in the world that supports a plan where there are no revenues coming in and expenses are going out.”

Endurance sports which can be defined as anything from a 5k run/walk event to a full Ironman triathlon provides the public with many health related benefits.  These include;

  • Healthier Bodies
  • A Better Self Image
  • Stronger Minds
  • Better Sleep
  • More Energy

Many millions of participants have improved their lifestyles and outlooks from being involved in endurance sports.  If this sector of business were to suffer extreme hardships that make it impossible to recover, many millions of participants would lose access to the events and support programs that have helped them lead better and healthier lives.

For more information on the Endurance Sports Coalition, visit their website

About Speedy Sneakers

Speedy Sneakers Racing has been in business since 2010.  The business is in two divisions.  It creates many fun, family friendly 5k run/walk events.  Events such as the Lady Tutu 5k, the Candy Race, the Santa Race, the Pumpkin Dash 5k and Challenge Columbus 5k.  In addition, Speedy Sneakers provides race management and chip timing services to numerous local charity groups.  These groups use run/walk events to raise funds for their organizations.  Organizations such as the Kiwanis Club of Columbus, Nationwide Childrens Hospital, Epilepsy Alliance of Ohio and the Passion Center for Children.

Written By: Peter Engelbrecht

Peter Engelbrecht is the owner of Speedy Sneakers Racing and a former NCAA All-American in Track and Field.

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