Lady Tutu 5k Cincinnati

Womens 5k Cincinnati

One of my favorite venues to host an event is at Sawyer Point Park in Cincinnati. The park is always clean, with nicely manicured flower beds and a tree-lined trail alongside the Ohio River. This past Saturday was no exception with a beautiful, warm and sunny morning greeting us and a few hundred participants.

The Princesses

The activities for the morning started off with the Little Princess Dash. This is the highlight of the event as most of these little girls come dressed up in their colorful tutus, tiaras and huge smiles. Lining up at the start line, divided into two divisions to ensure that all ages get to have the opportunity to compete with other little princesses of a similar age, these girls are eager to get started. Some share they have been training for this, others make an offbeat comment about how their mother had trouble tying their hair bow – “but look how it looks with the crown!” After some quick instructions, they are ready to go!

At the finish line, moms, dads and grandparents all wait like the paparazzi to capture that special moment their little miss comes around the corner. Without fail, these picture-perfect little girls in full stride are captured for that treasured photo to share with family and friends for years to come, creating a lasting memory. After receiving their medal, they proudly parade it around with glee in their eyes. It’s a great time and there is no doubt many of these photos will make it into graduation slide shows and their future wedding day photo carousel.

The Ladies Get Going

Next, our older girls (7+) get started. Most play the part, dressed in beautiful, handmade, colorful tutus that match their personalities.  These ladies are here to have fun. Moms, sisters, grandmothers and BFF’s all running and walking together make this a special occasion. Some are seeking their a colorful PR (personal record) and begin with a fast start, while others enjoy a more leisurely stroll through the park, taking in everything but more importantly sharing these memories with their loved ones.

The Course

After a nice start, the ladies make their way down the park trail.  They will pass by the Cincinnati Reds baseball stadium before a quick turnaround just before the Bengals football stadium. With the Ohio River as their companion, they make their way back to the start area. Passing through they grab a cup of water, some friendly cheers and well wishes from spectators.  Just one mile to go, and the most beautiful part of the run. As they pass by the Montgomery Inn restaurant, they enter the International Friendship Park; the final turnaround taking them back to the finish line!

The Finish

With the finish in sight, some start a sprint to finish their own race strong. At the finish line, the ladies are greeted with upbeat music, congratulatory announcements, a welcome bottle of ice-cold water and their well-deserved custom finisher medal. As others come into their own finish, there are high-fives and hugs exchanged.  The event photographer is on hand to capture a keepsake memory of the day.

It’s all About Fun

The Lady Tutu 5k and Little Princess Dash is all about having a fun, colorful and engaging event.  Added in, the benefit of a well planned fitness activity to begin their weekend. We are grateful to all those who have joined us at one of our events and look forward to you joining us next year!

Chip timing and finish line services provided by Speedy Sneakers Racing using IPICO timing systems.

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